Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya

Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya has been organized by students from University of Malaya since 2001. Since then, we have different logos every year and also a specific theme with meanings we wish to deliver to the public especially to the younger generation to remind them about the importance of inheriting the Chinese culture.

马大灯笼节 (PTUM) 至今已有长达21年的历史。每一届的马大灯笼节都会有不同的主题和不同的大方向,而主题和大方向的含义代表着我们要传承中华文化的心意。


The theme colour of this year is derived from nature. Blue represents the origin and symbolizes youth, while green represents hope and a new beginning. Therefore, the colour of turquoise brings a sense of liveliness, good luck and hope. At the same time, the turquoise colour reflects tranquillity, peace, energy and enthusiasm. The turquoise colour represents that the 21st PTUM will shoulder the mission of spreading Chinese culture with an optimistic attitude and overcome the difficulties throughout the event.

本届的主题色取自于大自然。蓝色代表“初始”,是年轻的象征;绿色代表新希望,新开始。由蓝色和青色结合起來的绿松色不仅让人感受到满满的活力,更让人从中感受到好运和希望。同时,绿松色提取了蓝色偏于安详、平静的色调,与绿色相对活力、激情的色调。当蓝与绿交融,则成为了一种舒缓,宽慰,使人从现实压力中释放出来的治愈色。绿松色代表着第二十一届马大灯笼节将肩负着 “灯续光明” 的使命,以积极和乐观的心态,跨越重重难关,坚定地传扬中华文化。


The concept for 21st PTUM is “Appreciation”. All the committees of the 21st PTUM will dedicate themselves to promote Chinese culture and spirits so that the beauty of Chinese culture could be mesmerized by greater communities despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The spirit will be passed down to the younger generations, just like a lighted candle ignites the flame of another. The lantern symbolizes our guiding light, and we will try our best to let this flame continue to burn.

“炘 · 翼”,取自“心意”的谐音。炘,比喻火焰炽盛的样子,代表着这一届筹委会们将会满怀热情,即使受到疫情阻碍,依旧秉持发扬中华文化的初衷,将马大灯笼节发扬下去。“炘”火燎原,相信靠着筹委们小小的炘火,一定可以把本届马大灯笼节办得更有声有色。此外,翼即是“一”的谐音,“一”也代表着一个开头,做为新的一旬的开始。虽然今年疫情依然存在,但筹委们依然会一心一意地筹办今年的马大灯笼节,秉持传承中华文化的理念,继续把中华文化传递给大众。



The name of PTUM mascot is PIPI (琵琵) and it was first introduced to the public in 2010. Being the first mascot to represent Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya (PTUM), PIPI aims to bring happiness and joy as well as to promote Chinese culture to the public. The letters “P” and “T” on the ears of PIPI are acronyms for Pesta Tanglung.

PIPI(琵琵)于2010年作为马大灯笼节的第一吉祥物示于大众。琵琵的使命在于为大家带来幸福与快乐,更重要的是将中华文化推广于大众,延传世代。而琵琵耳朵里的“PT”则代表灯笼节 (Pesta Tanglung)。